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This Time It's Personal


Cycling team member who rides for the benefit of the team, rather than trying to win the race. Tasks include carrying water for team-mates, setting the pace, creating a slipstream for others to ride in.  A ‘servant’ for the greater good. 

Never heard of Tim Hockey? That’s fine with him. This financial services veteran and his generous teammates are riding to shine a light on cancer research, not each other. As a founding member of the top-tier fundraising team Les Domestiques, Tim proudly recalls, “The team was formed to combine things that I like to do, which is to ride with great people and raise money for great charities.” The team decided to focus their efforts on advancing the work of “great Canadian institutions – The Princess Margaret is one of those institutions.”

As a member of Les Domestique, Tim has always felt a shared sense of passion and purpose. With the recent cancer diagnosis and treatment of his wife at Princess Margaret, Tim now adds a deeply personal sense of appreciation to that list of feelings.

Tim says this is the easiest fundraising he’s ever done, “Because I care about it and because my friends care about supporting me and my wife. The Princess Margaret isn't just a hospital. First, it’s a research centre which means everybody in the world benefits from whatever breakthroughs happen there and second, those that have needs in the rest of Canada often come to The Princess Margaret.”

“Starting a team can be the most inspiring thing you've ever done.”

Join the Ride to Conquer Cancer.