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Without Support There Would be No Ride

An event this big can only run with a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes effort and organization. Ensuring the safety of thousands of cyclists over hundreds of kilometres is a task that requires significant resources.

From the day you register until the moment you cross the finish line, all partners and outfitters play an integral role in the success of The Ride. Whether it’s through cash contributions that offset production costs, or through the donation of time and services, everyone involved makes an impact.

Meet Your 2023 Honourary Chairs

We are thrilled to introduce your 2023 Honourary Chairs: Janet Bannister, Natasha Walji and Jen Lee Koss.

As entrepreneurs, investors, mothers and life-long advocates for social change, these brilliant women have all overcome their own unique challenges on the road to success. This year, they are coming together to take on one challenge that affects us all.

  • Janet Bannister

  • Natasha Walji

  • Jen Lee Koss

“I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way or form. I’m riding for all of them.”  –Jen Lee Koss 

Janet, Natasha and Jen will all Ride 200km over two-days to help support life-saving cancer research at The Princess Margaret. While cycling may not sit at the top of their vast list of skills, they are all thrilled to be part of The Ride and determined to see it all the way through.

Learn why they chose to be a part of The Ride

Learn why they chose to be a part of The Ride

2023 Honourary Chairs

- 2023 Honourary Chairs

Are you ready to help make a difference?

Official Outfitters

Looking to gear up, secure a rental, or get your bike serviced? Our Official Outfitters are ready with expert advice and special discounts for all registered 2023 Riders. Check them out below.

R2C2023 20% off bike accessories (can be used online and in stores)
R2CBIKES 10% off bikes (can be used online and in stores)

Disclaimer: Discount is solely intended to support the riders of the RTCC and help purchase gear needed to participate in the RTCC. Skiis & Biikes has the right to revoke this coupon at any time if it is not being used as intended.


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Ready to be a Ride Partner?

There are varying levels of commitment and numerous ways to get involved with The Ride. If you are someone you know is considering a future Ride partnership, please contact Ride Guides below.

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