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From Dream Job To Nightmare Diagnosis.

In 2013, just after he completed the orientation for his first job as a paramedic, Maurice was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. “It was like congratulations, welcome to being a paramedic. Oh, by the way, here is your cancer diagnosis,” says Maurice.
At only 33 years old, an ex-personal trainer, and no family history of cancer, the diagnosis was not only devastating but also a complete shock. And after years of preparation to be a paramedic, in that moment Maurice was more afraid of losing his first job than his life.
No stranger to hard work, Maurice persevered and studied through his surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Today he rides alongside his colleagues on Team Paramedics For a Cure and also in honour of his grandfather who lost his battle to prostate cancer. While he’s not yet cancer-free, Maurice is currently responding well to one of the clinical trials at The Princess Margaret. He says that his participation in The Ride is his way of not only radiating positivity but also a way for him to give back to the organization that works arduously to give him a “tomorrow.”
In Maurice’s own words:
“This is a first for me, but I feel it is time that I step forward and be a part of this event. I like, so many others have been affected by this disease personally and continue my personal journey to cross the finish line with arms raised high.
I am thankful to be a part of this journey but want it to one day be accessible to everyone, not just individuals who have failed… or better yet for whom previous treatments have failed them while on other protocols.”

Join the Ride to Conquer Cancer.