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You be epic. We'll take care of everything else.

Committing to ride over 200 KM in two days is what makes you epic.  For the new, casual or recreational cyclist, it can be somewhat challenging but it’s meant to be! It’s what separates this Ride from all other events and demonstrates to your supporters that you accept the challenge to conquer cancer in our lifetime.   

Select your participation option or skip to Event Features below to see how we support you all the way.  

Your 2023 Participation Options

See tentative routes:
Toronto to Hamilton (Day one of 2-Day Ride or 1-Day Ride option)  
Hamilton to Niagara (Day two of 2-Day Ride. Also the route if starting from Niagara on Day one.)  
The Hammer 
(Day one of 2-Day Ride) 


Classic 2 Day Ride starting in Toronto. Raise at least $2,500 to ride.
This is “The Epic Ride” that takes you over 200km from Toronto to Niagara with overnight stay in Hamilton at McMaster University. You’ll finish in front of a cheering crowd at the scenic Niagara Falls on day two.

Classic 2 Day Ride starting in Niagara. Raise at least $2,500 to ride. 
You also have the option of starting in Niagara on Day 1, riding to Hamilton and returning to Niagara on Day 2. 


Toronto to Hamilton. Raise at least $2,000 to ride.
Experience the electric atmosphere of The Ride and take advantage of all the camp amenities after your ride. Then get free transportation back to Toronto after the camp festivities end on day one.

Niagara to Hamilton. Raise at least $2,000 to ride.
Start in Niagara on Day 1, ride to Hamilton, enjoy the camp festivities and arrange your own transportation back to Niagara.


Raise at least $4,000 to ride.
For those wanting an extra challenge in both fundraising and from The Ride itself, you can go an extra 60km on Day 1 (for a total of 160km/100 miles) from Toronto to Hamilton. Plus, enjoy a half-way point premium lunch experience and you’ll earn the awesome Hammer cycling vest sponsored by The Carpenters Union.


Toronto to Niagara. Raise at least $2,500 to ride. 
Cycle 100km over the span of two days from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Start at Exhibition Place on Day 1 and ride about 50km to the half way lunch stop.  A shuttle will then take you to camp at Hamilton’s McMaster University where you will stay overnight. We securely transport your bike for you and shuttle you to the half way point on Day 2. From there, you ride about 50km to Niagara Falls, cross the finish line, and soak up all the glory! 


Ride as far as you want, wherever you want. You can be part of the Ride community from anywhere in Canada — or the world! Choose your own route and ride where you’re most comfortable. This option has no minimum fundraising but raising $1,500 will get you the official Ride jersey.

Event Features

Hosting thousands of riders takes hundreds of volunteers and crew members, plus the support of our partners. See what makes the Ride the most enjoyable and rewarding experience for cyclists of all abilities.

  • Safety

    Safety is our #1 priority. We enlist the services of local police and volunteer ‘moto-crew’ (motorcyclists) who monitor the routes and help provide directions and signals at busy intersections.

    We also produce an annual safety video that we advise every Rider to watch to ensure everyone is clear on the basic rules of the road.

    Plus, in the current times where COVID remains on the minds of many participants, we follow the expert advice of government and healthcare providers to ensure we have a safe environment in which to participate.

  • Training & Advice

    For new riders embarking on their first long distance ride and returning riders who just ‘keep riding’, the Ride team hosts training events on Zwift and in person at locations around the Greater Toronto Area.

    Our Ride Guides are also available to offer resources and training tips from our outfitters and fellow Riders who know their stuff about cycling.

  • Pit Stops / Aid Stations

    Located at the start line and approximately every 25 KM are fully supported aid stations with washrooms, snacks, lunch, hydration and medical services if needed. Lunch is included at the half-way stop on each day. 

  • Tech Support & Bike Repair

    Breakdowns and flat tires happen.  But our mobile volunteer techs on bikes are on the whole course to help you with flat tires, chain breaks and other minor repairs.  In the case of a major repair, you can take the sweep vehicle (see below) to the next pit stop, where you can have your bike repaired by a qualified bike repair tech (some charges may apply depending on the repair). 

  • Medical

    Volunteer, certified medical attendants patrol the routes and are situated at pit stops to help with minor medical issues, from pain relief remedies to minor first aid treatments.  

  • Transportation & Bike Lockup

    Included with your participation, we transport your personal belongings from the start line to Camp and then from Camp to the finish line in Niagara on Day 2.

    At the finish line, drop off your bike and we'll bring it back to the start line for you. Then pick up your personal belongings that have been shipped from camp to the finish line. 

    At the start line, Camp and finish line, we have an area to store your bike with 24-hour security. The wrist band and bike tag that you receive in May are used to confirm you are the owner of the bike you are taking from storage.  

    When your ride is over on Day 2, we provide coach transportation back to the start line.

  • Camp

    We have sleeping tents included for every Rider and dorm rooms available at a special rate on a first-come, first served basis (booking begins in February). All meals are included along with other amenities provided by our amazing partners.  

    After cycling over 100 KM on the first day, Riders relax and enjoy sponsored camp amenities and the annual camp show. Then it’s off to an early sleep as Day 2 starts at 6am the next day.  

  • Sweep Vehicles

    You take the challenge to ride over 200 KM but you do not have to finish every KM.  Our multi-passenger vans, driven by volunteers, patrol the routes along side Riders and are a phone call or hand signal away.  They will transport you to the next pit stop in the event of fatigue, technical breakdown or other reasons.   

  • Caboose

    The “caboose” is a volunteer support vehicle that follows the last Riders out from the start line to offer support if needed.  

  • Opening Ceremonies

    This is where the epic cycling adventure begins. Everyone gathers on the morning of Day 1, check in their belongings and enjoy some breakfast, coffee and some inspirational words from our Princess Margaret leaders.  Then you hear: “Ready. Set. Ride!” and you’re off! 

  • The Finish Line

    In front of the scenic Niagara Falls, this is where friends, family and teammates cheer you across the finish line. You did it!  You rode over 200KM and have experienced an emotional, triumphant experience unlike anything before. For over 15 years, Riders have said: “This is an experience you didn’t know you needed”.  

Join the Ride to Conquer Cancer