COVID Compliance Plan

We’re pleased to welcome you to the Ride to Conquer Cancer Refuel Stations. This year will be a little different to previous years. The health and safety of our participants, staff and volunteers is paramount and that is why we are implementing the following measures for this year’s Ride.

In conjunction with our health services provider, we have carefully considered all health and safety protocols to ensure that you can participate safely. This includes COVID pre-screening for participants, staff and volunteers, physical distancing throughout the site, plenty of sanitization points, as well as enforcing mask wearing where necessary. Please note these measures may be modified according to ongoing changes to public health regulation


Any participant experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, or has received a positive test for Covid-19, should not participate in the Ride to Conquer Cancer or visit any of our Refuel Stations.

Symptoms of the Delta variant differ from the original Covid-19 virus. If you are unsure if your symptoms indicate the need for a test, the province offers a self assessment tool - https:// covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/

All our staff, volunteers and onsite suppliers will complete a self-assessment daily before arriving on site. The screening will be conducted via the HealthQ app with records being maintained by our health services provider.


Prior to entering any of our Ride Refuel Stations, you will be required to complete the Covid-19 Screening Assessment, accessed by scanning a QR code. A Covid Compliance Officer (CCO) will be available for those who have difficulty accessing the Screening Assessment. Anyone who does not meet the screening requirements will not be permitted onsite.

All of our staff, volunteers and suppliers will wear masks at all times. Masks for participants are required from entry to the Refuel Station until you are in the designated eating area, and should only be removed when consuming food or beverage. Masks are not required on the Ride Routes, but we do recommend wearing a mask where distancing is not possible.

In order to avoid unnecessary contact, we ask you to respect physical distancing at all times (as far as possible but a minimum of six feet). Please follow the markers provided around the site, especially while waiting in line and respect one-way traffic where it is implemented. When eating or drinking please stay with your travel group.

Hand sanitizer and hand wash stations will be available throughout the Refuel Station and portable toilets will be cleaned throughout the day. These measures are in place to protect you and comply with public health regulations. We consider it essential for everyone to have safe access to athletic and social events, please help us to safeguard the well-being of all participants.