For two unforgettable days, The Ride will celebrate our 15th year of contributing to life-changing cancer research. It’s also when we all switch gears from a virtual event to the in-person epic past Riders have come to know and love.  

Once again, our 200k route will be filled with determined cyclists of all kinds, cheering supporters, and an overwhelming sense of comradery and community. Thanks to you, we’ve raised $230 million for cancer research, helping millions of people in Canada and around the world. 

But the journey isn’t over. 

Please join us. 

Here are your route options for 2022:

2-Day Toronto to Niagara

Raise at least $2,500 to ride 
This is “The Epic Ride” that takes you over 200km from Toronto to Niagara with overnight camping in Hamilton at McMaster University. You’ll finish in front of a cheering crowd at the scenic Niagara Falls on Day 2. The minimum increases to $3,000 on April 1, 2022.

2-Day Niagara to Hamilton turnaround

Raise at least $2,500 to ride 
Want to start your Ride from Niagara? We have a start line at our finish location for those who do not want to travel to Toronto to start. The minimum increases to $3,000 on April 1, 2022.

1-day Toronto to Hamilton

Raise at least $2,000 to ride 
Experience the electric atmosphere of The Ride and take advantage of all the camp amenities after your ride. Then get free transportation back to Toronto after the camp festivities end on Day 1. You also have the option to start your Ride on Day 2. The minimum increases to $2,000 on April 1, 2022.

1-Day Niagara to Hamilton  

Raise at least $2,000 to ride 
Enjoy a scenic start and partake in the camp festivities in Hamilton. Transportation back to Niagara is included. You also have the option to start your Ride on Day 2 and enjoy the finish line celebrations and festivities.  The minimum increases to $2,000 on April 1, 2022.


Raise at least $4,000 to ride 
For those wanting an extra challenge in both fundraising and from The Ride itself, you can go an extra 60km on Day 1 (for a total of 160km/100 miles) from Toronto to Hamilton. Plus, enjoy a half-way point premium lunch experience and you’ll earn the awesome Hammer cycling vest sponsored by The Carpenters Union.   


$500 is the suggested fundraising amount  
Want to play a key role in the delivery of an Epic Ride and enjoy all the amenities at camp? Do you have volunteer skills in running a hydration station, any Medical qualifications, or just want to help out? Try to raise $500 and join our Ride Crew. You will have over 15 crew teams to choose from!    

Choose Your Epic

Ride as far as you want, wherever you want. You can be part of the Ride community from anywhere in Canada — or the world! Choose your own route and ride where you’re most comfortable, we'll be with you in spirit. This option has no minimum fundraising but raising $1,000 will get you the official Ride jersey.